January 27th, 2008

I’m, alright, it’s everyone else

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A man feared his wife Peg wasn’t hearing as well as she used to and he thought she might need a hearing aid. Not quite sure how to approach her, he called the family Doctor to discuss the problem.

The Doctor told him there is a simple informal test the husband could perform to give the Doctor a better idea about her hearing loss.

Here’s what you do,’ said the Doctor, ‘stand about 40 feet away from her, and in a normal conversational speaking tone see if she hears you. If not, go to 30 feet, then 20 feet, and so on until you get a response.’

That evening, the wife is in the kitchen cooking dinner, and he was in the den. He says to himself, ‘I’m about 40 feet away, let’s see what happens.’ Then in a normal tone he asks, ‘Honey, what’s for dinner?’

No response.

So the husband moves closer to the kitchen, about 30 feet from his wife and repeats, ‘Peg, what’s for dinner?’

Still no response.

Next he moves into the dining room where he is about 20 feet from his wife and asks, ‘Honey, what’s for dinner?’

Again he gets no response.

So, he walks up to the kitchen door, about 10 feet away. ‘Honey, what’s for dinner?’

Again there is no response.

So he walks right up behind her. ‘Peg, what’s for dinner?’

‘Frank, for the FIFTH F**king’ time, CHICKEN!’  

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  1. Dickiebo says:

    Er…..have I seen this somewhere before? Like on my blog yesterday!

    January 28th, 2008 at 09:53

  2. 200 says:

    Hello Dickiebo, it must be doing the rounds then because I got it yesterday in an email from my wife! (we converse by email it’s much more friendly), I didn’t copy it. Well I did, but only out of an email, not from your blog, honest!

    It was getting close to midnight and the muse had left me, lazy I know, but sometimes it’s really hard posting something every day.

    January 28th, 2008 at 12:41

  3. Dickiebo says:

    Hi 200. I got it the same way!!!! Few people actually make up the jokes themselves, do they? I know I don’t!

    January 28th, 2008 at 13:30

  4. 200 says:

    Blimey, are you sure you’re not me, or I’m you or something, or maybe my wife has a couple of husbands I didn’t know about, spooky.

    January 28th, 2008 at 14:28

  5. Dickiebo says:

    Nice gal!!!!

    January 28th, 2008 at 16:50

  6. Brandon says:

    Offshore the mental health assessment to a video conferencing call center. They can do the assessment with a video phone in the a&e and let the cops get back to work. In minutes.

    February 26th, 2011 at 00:39

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