January 25th, 2008


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Talking, as I was a few days ago, of low-life scum. There can be few lower than those whose own moral-code (if one can accuse them of actually having any morals, which you can’t) allows them to pillage from the most vulnerable people in our society.

These are the complete dregs of society who literally prey on people who have absolutely no means to protect or defend themselves. They are usually travellers, very often Irish, who scour the towns looking for elderly folk to rob. They have to be elderly so they can’t fight back, the older & weaker the better.

Jessie is 96 years old, she lives in sheltered accommodation which means there are people to pop in and take care of her needs but she maintains a degree of independence in her own bungalow. Like many older folk she sometimes has cash in her house, sometimes more than many of us would keep in our wallets or purses. No matter how many times the staff or her family tell her to keep it in a bank, you can bet she’ll maintain her independence by making her own decisions, for whatever reason, for keeping her money close to home.

Billie & Patrick know this. They know where Jessie lives because they’ve been there before. They know where all the old folks homes are gathered together. They used to knock on doors pretending to be from the Water Board. They’d tell Jessie & her ilk that the neighbours have problems with a water leak and they need to come in to check the water. While Billie supervises Jessie turning her taps on and off, Patrick is upstairs pulling the drawers apart, lifting up the mattress and stealing Jessie’s life-savings. It’s so easy. They can do several in an afternoon if they drive from one town to the next.

Sometimes they don’t bother with any pretence, as soon as Jessie opens the door they just barge in, knocking her out of the way, if she falls who cares. They might demand to know where the cash is or they might just go ahead and search until they find it, ignoring the screams, the pleading and the sobs from a helpless 96-year-old.

They call them ‘distraction burglars’ because they distract the householder with some story to gain their trust.

Billie & Patrick have changed their M.O. of late. They’re not saying they’re from the Water Board any more; their current tack is to say they are police officers, they don’t wear uniforms, they don’t look like police officers, they certainly don’t act like police officers but try telling that to a 84-year-old man who is being held down in their chair by the throat by Billie while Patrick is emptying all the drawers.

Absolute scum.

I defy anyone not to be filled with hatred & utter contempt for Billie, Patrick and their like, anyone, that is, who has ever spoken with someone in the very last years of their lives ravaged by this low-life scum.

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