January 29th, 2011

A third of the population?

Posted in Other Stuff by 200

I was having a trawl through Facebook the other day. As my kids seem to spend their live son it I thought I better make sure their security settings were up to scratch. As it turned out my one of their accounts was fine, but the other one was at the default settings, so we ticked a few boxes to make sure that only people on their contact list could see any of their stuff.

I then had a quick scout around some of the folk at work. It seems almost everyone has a Facebook account & for police officers & people that work in the police control room arena who know exactly the kind of problems Facebook offers us up on a daily basis, I was surprised how many had their stuff open for any old nosey bastard to have a look.

I found a couple of people whose Facebook entries seemed to consist only how pissed they were the night before or how much they were looking forward to getting pissed the night following. Others just appear to a constant stream of comments about their ex-partners & deep, meaning philosophical quotes about ‘moving on’.

It was all very interesting, for about five minutes.

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