January 20th, 2011

‘kin Virgins

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The more astute amongst you might have noticed that yesterday’s post was late.
That is to say it was late to appear on the blog, not written late. I usually post quite late of an evening (when I’m not at work) but Virgin went down last night so I had no Internet connection.
No worries, I thought. I’ll take advantage of the wonders of technology & post from my new mobile phone.
So I download an app, write my piece & press the save button. Voila, chalk another success up to the techno-geek!
Except when I come to check today whether my Internet connection is back (it’s not, despite being woken up off a night shift twice by some bloke with a jackhammer up the road), I notice that yesterday’s post isn’t up.
So I manage to navigate the WordPress app only to find that that when you press save it saves the entry to your phone, not your blog. You have to unchecked the box that says ‘save locally’ for it to upload.
So I’m writing this entry from my mobile again having been assured by some Virgin in India that my Internet connection will be back this evening. Hopefully, I’ll press the right button this time.

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