January 17th, 2011

I’m very cross

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Day in, day out in my force, we cannot get to see people who deserve to be seen because we have so much crap to deal with. People looking at people in a funny way, slagging each other off on Facebook, failing to return a borrowed PS3 game on time, I could go on and on and bloody on with tales of the utter shite police officers are expected to deal with where the real solution is just for people to ‘fucking grow up’.

So an item I heard on Radio Five today about police involvement because someone was offended by a painting comes as no surprise. Kent Police sent two officers to a gallery in Folkestone because someone had complained about an item on display which depicts David Beckham being crucified.

I have no idea on what grounds the complainant felt it was good use of the time of Her Majesty’s finest & I don’t suppose it really matters. What matters is that there was probably a burglary victim somewhere in Folkestone who had to wait an extra hour or two while officers investigated this non-police-incident.

If you don’t like the picture, don’t visit the bloody gallery, boycott the artist, tell any of your friends who will listen, create an internet campaign against paintings which depict famous people being crucified, but don’t waste time trying to make it out to be the crime of the century.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Two officers visited the art gallery and explained there had been a complaint. When the owner said the work in question was due to be taken down at the end of the week it was decided no further action would be taken.” The implication being that if the ‘offending item’ was not due to be taken down by the end of the week that action would be taken? What the police spokesman should have said was: “We received a complaint about a painting in a local gallery. The complainant was told this was not a police matter & they should speak to the director of the gallery in question.”

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  1. baz says:

    You have hit the nail on the head.

    I used to be the job, in a big city in the UK. We spent 95% of our time dealing with the same 10% of the population, so when the other 90% of the population called for our help on that rare occasion, we were too busy because we are dealing with some dickhead who couldn’t sort their own petty problems out for themselves.

    That is what we did as cops though, we went around wiping the arses of the lazy, useless, and people who did not have the most basic of social skills to sort their own problems out for themselves. These people were the first to call the police when their next pathetic problem came up, and the first to complain about police when all their needs are not pandered to. Example, woman lets ex partner into house because he has lots of cider, they get pissed, have an argument, he falls asleep, she then calls the police to get him out of the house. So when we are dealing with this shyte, we were not patrolling normal people’s neighborhoods, and responding to the few normal people’s calls for assistance.

    I used to work in an area which was 50% council housing, and 50% nice area, we spent 99% of our time having to pander to the needs of the ranks of unemployed on the housing estate, so we rarely got to provide a police presence in the nice area. When we took people particulars on this estate, we would ask for their names, date of birth, address and employment. Well 99.9% of the time on this council estate the response to employment would be ‘unemployed,’ (or unemployable,) or ‘I’m on disability,’ meaning they are too bone idle to work. Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost sympathy for people who genuinely have disability issues and therefore cannot work, but the only illness these people suffered from is being lazy, so they go to a doctor and describe a few symptoms of depression or some other mental illness, and that is sufficient to keep the dole centre happy and off their backs.

    Strangely enough it was these bone idle people from the estate that would be flogging nurses in A&E on Friday night, the same people who would be draining the social services resources because they can’t be arsed to raise their children, they use huge amounts of NHS resources because their idea of nourishment is drugs, White Lightening cider, and Marlborough cigarettes, these are the same people who would be exploiting every kind of government benefit possible. And then the public and politicians scratch their heads wondering why the British national debt is one trillion pounds. Yes you have been paying for these parasites, and unfortunately you will be continuing to support these parasites until the government is willing to effect real change in this area. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for unemployment benefits, I would hope to be supported by the government for a short period of time if I lost my job, but its not supposed to be a lifestyle choice which everyone else has to pay for. I do not buy that people cannot find jobs, before I was in the police I worked as a pot washer, I worked shit hours in restaurants and bars for peanuts, and I believe my worst job was walking around an open landfill site in winter, freezing my arse off, with dustbin liners tied around my legs as I was up to my knees in mud, picking up trash that had blown off the dump. There is work out there, these people are just to lazy to do it, and why would you when the government will pay you to do fuck all?

    Its such a shame to see what has happened to what was Great Britain, it was one of the finest countries in the world, with one of the best armed forces in the world, now we cannot even afford to put planes on our impending aircraft carrier. We have become a laughing stock, we are in danger of losing our national identity, having succumb to the EU, and out of control migration levels. Ten years of Labours social experiment has well and truly fucked the United Kingdom, and its going to take decades to fix. How do you try and change ten years of entitlement culture?

    I had enough and moved to Australia when the Australian police had an overseas recruitment drive, to work in the job over here. Things are not perfect, we have our issues, but fortunately they are nothing like as bad as the UK, society has not fallen to pieces in the same way as the UK, but then again we were never subjected to New Labours great social experiment. Just one example ; Queensland, in particular its capital Brisbane has suffered from massive flooding recently. Between ten and fifteen thousand volunteers, all just members of the public who lived in Brisbane or surrounds, all got off their arses and took to the streets with shovels and brooms, cleaning up, and going around peoples houses to help clean them up, rip out wet drywall and so on. This level of volunteering has been sustained over the last few days. I am sure as shit this would not have happened in the city I used to work in the job in, in the UK.

    It breaks my heart so see what has happened to the UK, it was the country where I spent most of my life, and served in the police with pride, but I just could not see the point in remaining in a country so broken, when there were other countries in sunnier climes who wanted our policing skills and experience, and I have to say, apart from missing a pint or two in a good British pub, and a good curry house, I have no regrets.

    All the best to those who have chosen to stick it out, I really hope things sort themselves out sooner or later.

    January 18th, 2011 at 09:55

  2. Fee says:

    I know this is over-simplified, but simply allowing police officers (and call takers) to use their discretion would wipe out half (or most) of this crap. If the numpty who called this in was answered as per your last paragraph, that would have been the end of it. Keep administering common sense for a few months, and hopefully the non-calls would begin to dry up as word got around. If that didn’t work, isn’t there an offence of “Wasting Police Time” they could be charged with? One or two high-profile cases would turn things around nicely.

    What this country needs is a bloody revolution! First against the wall? The Chief Constables who have allowed their police forces to be turned into social workers. By lacking the balls to tell NuLab where to stick their constant tinkering, they’ve allowed this to happen. Only following orders? Yeah, some other senior officers tried that defence, and it wasn’t believed then.

    January 18th, 2011 at 14:03

  3. Joe says:

    What Fee said! It’s time that call takers in all services were allowed to use their discretion, and if people are genuinely wasting police time, then they should be punished in accordance with the law.
    Perhaps some kind of tiered system, similar to how some force areas have approached speeding.
    The first offence (as long as it’s minor like this), they have to pay for a course on what 999 is actually for (creating jobs in designing, managing and running the courses, and generating revenue).
    The second offence they get a much heavier fine
    The third offence they get polac’d with the transit. Thoughts?

    From what I’ve read of various bloggers, there are regular callers to the ambulance service who are known not to need emergency medical assistance of any sort, but they know the right phrases, so get an ambulance each time anyway.
    It’d be great for them to be able to say “Well, the last 300 times you called, you didn’t need an ambulance, so sorry matey but you’re out of luck”! Likewise when somebody calls up with a pathetic excuse for police attendnace, the call taker should be allowed to (diplomatically) tell them to bugger off!

    Whilst we’re at it, why don’t we locate the genius who decided that the new paperless case management system needed some paperwork, and stick them on the course for people who waste police time, along with most of the other senior managers in all of the public services who come up with pointless targets day after day. Perhaps then everyone can get on with their jobs properly?

    January 18th, 2011 at 18:39

  4. Civ_In_The_City says:

    I couldn`t agree more with everything that`s been said so far.

    People have a laugh and a joke when you mention political correctness and EU interference. I can tell you now there is nothing remotely funny about ‘PC’, not for anybody. Put together with the Human Rights Act and a culture of ‘where there`s blame there`s a claim’ and it`s a recipe for the disaster we have now.

    10 years where it wasn`t illegal, but (worse) it was ‘politically insensitive’ to discuss immigration. Couldn`t even speak the word aloud if you were a politician.

    A rational conversation on the subject is long overdue, but it was up against more NuLab social-engineering where ‘facts’ were relegated to just ‘one point of view’.And if your point of view wasn`t the one that prevailed, guess what, you can complain and sue and campaign and bitch until you got your way.

    MP Frank Field was talking to some unemployed youths in a T.V. show last night (the one about feckless fathers). The lads he was speaking with weren`t feckless, they wanted to work but tried to explain how hard it was to find a job.

    Mr Field tried making the case that jobs were out there if people wanted them. Then, as if to make his case, and with a completely straight face he said the following: “3 million jobs have been created in this country in the last ten years, and 3 million people came from overseas and filled those jobs. So don`t tell me there isn`t work to be had”.

    And if an average couple are £30 a week better off on benefits than if one works full time what do YOU think they`ll do Mr Field?

    It`s going to take a very long time, and some very brave leaders, to turn this country round. We can start by changing the way politics is reported for a start and make it less of a ‘celebrity’ occupation.

    Your there to work, boys and girls, empty the bins for a start.

    January 18th, 2011 at 19:36

  5. Betty Swollox says:

    Blimey all the replies today are long!

    In my force we have a dedicated car that goes out in the evenings dealing with nothing else but Facebook enqs. Each complainer/potential killer/scout/getto gangster gets a two hour slot for the unlucky sole who gets lumbered with mind numbingly utter shit task.

    PS Beckham is a nobhead anyway (David that is, not a Sgt called Beckham)

    January 18th, 2011 at 19:57

  6. Tony F says:

    I agree with Fee too.

    We never used to have the police around here (unless it was for the delivery of really bad or good news), but now we have on single parent. Her associated sperm doners and herself have increased police visits by over 52 times! FFS what a waste of resources, the lot of them.

    January 18th, 2011 at 20:20

  7. Calltaker says:

    As a call taker for one of the UK forces I can honestly say that call wouldn’t have made it past me, regardless of whether it is protocol.

    Most recently I had the mum ringing on behalf of her grown up daughter reporting that something nasty has been written on Facebook (URRRGHH!) about her. After discussing this with the mum for a whole 5 minutes (stopping other calls from being answered) the mum who was quite unhappy with my answer of report it to Facebook, it’s not a crime turns around to me and says well you can tell my daughter then.

    Rather than argue with this intolerable woman I decided to just take the telephone number and name of the female and give her a quick call to explain hoping (wrongfully) that she might be a bit more pleasant and understanding.

    Cue me saying who I was and why I called, followed by the female swearing in her first sentence but then apologising.

    Next I explain what I have been told, no breach of DPA because mum’s asked me to call and the female confirms that’s correct using a few more expletives this time without an apology.

    Now I start to mention how it is nothing to do with police and that it is Facebook and that she should report it to them, female now riled up and every other word is an expletive about how she has contacted and reported this to Facebook and they have done nothing.

    Not very sympathetic me simply tries to explain the size of Facebook and the amount of time it takes for Facebook to deal, female carries on swearing but this time adds in some very poor crying for effect.

    I repeat nothing for police which causes female to start screaming and shouting obscenities and insults down the phone at me.

    Me now with a slightly annoyed tone on my voice reminds the female that I was calling out of courtesy as asked by her mum and that I will not remain on the phone and explain to her other courses of action which could be taken.

    Silence on the phone whilst female thinks of a rebuttal……..after a few seconds female shouts CUNT down the phone and hangs up.

    Difference between me and most call takers is that most call takers would have been so fed up of this female by now they would have created a log and got an officer to attend just so they wouldn’t have to speak to her for much longer.

    January 27th, 2011 at 23:34

  8. Beardy says:

    Just a technical note – the Beckham on the cross image is sadly indicative of the persistant ignorance (of artists and christian believers [re stigmata] and the public at large); the nails are in the handpalms and almost the whole weight of the crucified character is suspended from them.

    The Romans would nail the WRISTS to the T cross (they didn’t use + shaped crosses anyway). If the HAND PALMS were nailed that way, the weight of the body would make the hand split.

    Most stigmata claims are shown with bloody handpalms …. a dead give-away any halfway competent police officer ought to notice, surely? Surely, therefore, the technical idiocy of the image would be offensive.

    March 6th, 2011 at 13:26

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