January 17th, 2011

I’m very cross

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Day in, day out in my force, we cannot get to see people who deserve to be seen because we have so much crap to deal with. People looking at people in a funny way, slagging each other off on Facebook, failing to return a borrowed PS3 game on time, I could go on and on and bloody on with tales of the utter shite police officers are expected to deal with where the real solution is just for people to ‘fucking grow up’.

So an item I heard on Radio Five today about police involvement because someone was offended by a painting comes as no surprise. Kent Police sent two officers to a gallery in Folkestone because someone had complained about an item on display which depicts David Beckham being crucified.

I have no idea on what grounds the complainant felt it was good use of the time of Her Majesty’s finest & I don’t suppose it really matters. What matters is that there was probably a burglary victim somewhere in Folkestone who had to wait an extra hour or two while officers investigated this non-police-incident.

If you don’t like the picture, don’t visit the bloody gallery, boycott the artist, tell any of your friends who will listen, create an internet campaign against paintings which depict famous people being crucified, but don’t waste time trying to make it out to be the crime of the century.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Two officers visited the art gallery and explained there had been a complaint. When the owner said the work in question was due to be taken down at the end of the week it was decided no further action would be taken.” The implication being that if the ‘offending item’ was not due to be taken down by the end of the week that action would be taken? What the police spokesman should have said was: “We received a complaint about a painting in a local gallery. The complainant was told this was not a police matter & they should speak to the director of the gallery in question.”

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