January 17th, 2008

Dent Coppers

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Police Collision 

Oh Dear.

The Sun reports on a group of police officers who have set up a facebook group called "Yes I have had a Polcol".

Apparently, the idea is that coppers (& others) can post photos of police vehicles involved in road traffic accidents. Indeed, there are photos of crashed police vehicles (& ambulances) but not the same ones that appear in the Sun’s article today. Maybe some have been removed, maybe the Sun made the whole thing up, who knows. People can comment on the photos and there appear to be some less than, er, wise comments made, whether by police or others I’ve no idea, but I suspect if genuine officers have posted anything then the Rubber Heel Squad will be rubbing their hands in excited anticipation.

Kate Bailey, a visitor to the site says "This is disgraceful. The Police are supposed to be role models, and a positive influence on youngsters and everyone else. Its really funny harming innocent bystanders (NOT!) who do you people think you are. I am another one who hopes you all get what you deserve. Absolutely disgusting."

Martin Hancock is even more erudite, "bunch a priks the police, ma 2 best pals died in car crash ya cunts" I’m not sure if Martin Hancock is an anti-police commentator or chief superintendent in the Met’s Professional Standard’s Department.

Apparently the Met aren’t happy, "Use of social networking websites 17.01.08
Following coverage in today’s Sun newspaper of MPS officers allegedly inappropriately using the internet social network site of Facebook.com I would like to reiterate that the MPS expects nothing but the highest standards from all staff.
There is now an ongoing investigation by the Directorate of Professional Standards into officers said to be part of a group entitled ‘Yes I have had a Polcol’. ( = Police car collision.)

Coppers should realise that they aren’t allowed to say anything, anywhere and should do what all good bloggers do and keep everything anonymous.


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