January 14th, 2008

And so it goes

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John lives in a caravan or two with his Mrs and six kids.

He stays on a variety of verges throughout the area at different times of the year. His stays last between a couple of weeks & three or four months. He has access to a variety of vehicles, usually different each time he visits us.

You always know John is in the area because reports of diesel theft increase overnight. The shoplifting at the Co-op increases three-fold. The offenders are always described as teenagers or boys aged eight to ten, all with ginger hair. That’s by the teenage part-time statff at the Co-op, the regular more staff just call them "John’s boys".

John always promises to clear up the inevitable mess he & his family always leave. There is always rubbish. Crates, car parts, drums & containers, nappies. It’s usually close enough to the caravan to be obvious but far enough away for John to deny it ever has anything to do with him or his own. Often John will turn up with a scrapped car & leave it 30 yards down the verge from the caravans. The fairies will mysteriously fill it floor to ceiling with the detritous of his everyday life. He always promises to dispose of the car & contents while simultaneously denying it has anything to do with him. He never actually does. When the car is full it’s usually time to move on.

All the kids get arrested at some stage. Nothing much ever happens to them, there are no consequences and so they continue the only way they know how and get arrested again; they’re not very good at it.

John says he’s too disabled to work. I have no idea whether he gets and free cash from the state though I’m fairly sure his family gets free cash from the residents of the nearby towns; the crime reports tell me that.

Occasionally, John gets a visit from someone who isn’t dressed in uniform. It’s usually the ladies from the Education Department making sure John knows his kids will be welcome at the local school during his stay. They never go.

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  1. Paul says:

    And while you (by which I mean the Police Service as Policy, not Officers generally who I am sure would happily bang them up and chuck away the key), the Education System and the rest of the witless lefties treat them as “pore lambkins in need of help” rather than what they are, cheats, frauds and criminals, they aren’t ever going to be any different.

    Why should they ?

    I caught someone redhanded nicking my red diesel. Literally. I walked onto our yard to find him holding the nozzle in his hand next to his car. He offered me a fiver for a tank full because he had to get to the hospital to see his sister’s new baby (I swear I’m not making this up).

    Could I get customs interested (I’d get crucified if I did it) ? Could I get the Police interested ? No, they’re apparently victims of society and some such crap.

    We stopped using the White Diesel tank years ago because travellers used it as their personal garage.

    Story#2: Had a couple of response officers turn up at night, telling me my cows were out in the road. It’s my field all right, but I haven’t got any cows. Rang up a contact who has put animals on there in the past, he swears blind it’s not him. Rang the neighbours, no idea either. No-one has any cows nearby. Have to tell the cops, sorry, no idea who they are !

    Turns out the local “travellers” had decided to graze their animals on my land.

    January 14th, 2008 at 11:32

  2. whichendbites says:

    Gingerism, the new racism?

    Well if you believe this article it appears to be so.


    Can being ginger really be that bad ?

    January 14th, 2008 at 17:49

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