November 20th, 2010

Creative accounting

Posted in The Job - Experience by 200

Anyone else’s force coming up with ever more creative ways to save cash.

Our latest is to say that, despite 32 years to my knowledge, Christmas Day & Boxing Days being regarded as bank holidays when the fall on a weekend, apparently they are no longer bank holidays. So the conditions of service that you signed up to all those years ago are no longer valid & the usual rights you would get for working a shift system which includes bank holidays no longer apply.

In order to save cash, we already know that the police force runs with a skeleton crew on a bank holiday, now even though shift numbers are around the skeleton crew numbers anyway, they are forcing people to take bank holiday leave. Except Christmas Day & Boxing Day are no longer bank holidays, so how can they force you to take bank holiday leave.

Gotta love the way they ride roughshod over their most precious commodity.

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