November 19th, 2010

That’s gonna hurt in the morning

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Through almost 3 decades of work on the streets, one constant I learnt from very early service was to stay out of the way of police dogs. I’ve always had distrust of the rear end & a healthy respect for the front end; they don’t call them land sharks for nothing.

I’ve seen them in action many times, from football riots to town centre brawls to taking on an individual either too drunk, drugged or stupid to realise he’s on a short trip to a loss.

News caught my eye today in my regular trawl through the interweb, of an American officer who probably regrets not paying as much attention to police dogs as perhaps was wise. A police officer from Tumwater in Washington was one of several searching for a burglar in a brewery. You kind of hope that the words, burglary, brewery & police dog are only goint to end up one way. They did, but not for the burglar.

Sadly, the officer will be off work for at least six weeks after getting between the police dog & the burglar inside the brewery. The officer received a set of gnashing white canines to the groin.


The sheriff said: “It wasn’t the dog’s fault.”

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