November 18th, 2010

You’ll be waiting ’til hell freezes over for an apology

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You’ll remember Sgt Mark Andrews, of  Wiltshire Police. He was the one shown on police CCTV manhandling a drunken recalcitrant female into a cell. He was jailed for six months for assault & freed pending his appeal.

The appeal concluded this week & the court have quashed the conviction. The judge in the case was satisfied that Sgt Andrews did not intend throw her into the cell & that her injuries were due to her drunkeness caused when she let go of the cell door.

Assistant Chief Constable Patrick Geenty was the spokesman back then & today. Remember he is of an ilk who, when an allegation is made against a senior officer or their own decisions, procedures & policies, hide behind a cloak which dictates that it is always ‘inappropriate to comment at this time’, but when the shit rolls downhill & stops at a front line officer will heap opprobrium to garner maximum ‘public confidence’. Geenty said the officer was a disgrace.

Now that the officer has been found innocent, Geenty has not withdrawn his original comment. Instead he continues his mealy-mouthed drivel in the hope of creaming and last crumb of ‘public confidence’. He basically says that even though the court has ruled otherwise, the officer is still guilty. Read his words on the Guardian website, they make me too sick to reproduce them here.

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