November 13th, 2010

Contrast & Compare II

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Police in New South Wales, Australia, shot & killed a man who was armed with a tyre lever in an incident on Thursday night.

Police attended a report of someone injured with a knife. On arrival, 44-year-old Mark Mason, fled the scene & was pursued in his vehicle. During the chase he rammed two police cars injuring the officers inside.

Some time later police found Mason at his girlfriend’s house, concerned for the safety of the other officers, they entered the house & were confronted by Mason who was armed with a tyre level. Attempts to subdue him with less elthal options failed & police officers shot him twice. He died.

What followed would make senior officers in the UK poop their pants with incredulity.

NSW Police Acting Deputy Commissioner, Alan Clarke, said: “It would appear they have exhausted all their options, prior to resorting to lethal force, and on the information before me I certainly believe that officer had no other option, and resorted to the only remaining option they had to protect their own lives.”

The title of the piece in ‘The Australian‘ is “Police had ‘no option’ but to shoot.”

Can you imagine a headline like that in the UK, or a comment from a senior officer, just one day after the event?

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