November 12th, 2010

Rent-a-mob strike again

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My children spent the day up in London this week watching the usual suspects trashing the Conservative Party HQ, spreading the anarchy love trying to injure police officers.

How many of the usual suspects turn out go be students genuinely concerned about the prospect of being forced to take on fifty or sixty grand debts at the age of 22 is yet to be established, but I suspect it wasn’t that many, at least judging by the representatives of the anarchist groups I’ve seen on TV & heard on the radio. Mind you, there was at least one student of politics & philosophy who did the reputation of students no good on Radio 5 yesterday.

One of the kids is at uni, so she won’t have to suffer the ravages of a government policy which forces the many to pay for the mistakes of the few, but the other will suffer the full force when tuition fees treble.

She went with mine & Mrs Weeks’ full blessing; we paid for the coach fares & bought material to make banners for her  & her friends to carry through the streets of the capital. We even got up in the early hours to ferry her to the pickup point for the journey into London.

Our other child went from uni with 200 fellow students.

On the whole their day went well, until a group of brainless thugs took over. The rest was played out on the rolling news broadcasts.

When the younger one got home  & was regaling us with tales from the demo-lition, as she called it, I noticed she had writing on her arm. I took a closer look  & in thick marker pen on the back of her hand she had number with an arrow pointing up her arm. Higher up she had Mrs Weeks mobile number in big lettering.

I asked her why. She said they had been advised to write an emergency contact number in a prominent place in case they were knocked unconscious by the police.

It would have been more realistic to have been told they needed it in case they were hit on the head with a brick thrown by the mindless thugs who were guaranteed to be present.

With guidance like that it’s no wonder were fighting a losing battle with the youth of today.

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