November 7th, 2010

Just trace the driver

Posted in The Job - General by 200

That bloody Google gets everywhere. Not only is it taking over the world byte by byte but it’s nicking all our private data  (& not getting punished for it) & then it’s driving up every road in the land filming our daughters undressing in their bedroom.


The photo above is from Google Streetview & shows a man on a drive back in 2009. All very day-to-day, except that the man on the drive doesn’t live there nor is he known to the occupants. A short time after the Google car drove past, the caravan in the background had its wheel-clamp removed & was nicked.

Police in Derbyshire are asking people to identify the man in the photo to see if he can assist them with their enquiries. In the ultimate privacy irony, Google can’t capture number plates & they are automatically fudged, so police can’t tell the identity of the car.

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