November 2nd, 2010

Happy Halloween

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Well, it was for some people, sadly not me.

I was at work & managed to draw the busiest channel in the force area. From about 6pm until 11 I was run completely ragged. Most of the calls were people having eggs thrown at their houses, cars or heads from teams of marauding yoblets or chavs cruising the estates in √ā¬†hairdresser-hatchbacks with alloy wheels.

It is no exaggeration to say that Sunday night was as busy as a New Year’s Eve. I sat down at 4pm and didn’t get up for my first pee until 10.35pm, & boy was I busting. My team-mate, bless her little cotton socks, wasn’t a fully trained controller, so wasn’t as quick as the amount of jobs, calls & updates required, meaning much of the time we were playing catch-up on updating everything we needed to attend to with all the jobs we had.

When you’re rushed off your feet & quite stressed & ask someone who is sitting on their arse in a quiet area, double-crewed, to do one little tiny job which takes about 20 seconds (ringing someone), it really doesn’t win much favour when they basically type on your log the equivalent of ‘do it yourself’. I nearly walked over & punched them straight in the mouth.

It was nice to be thanked by a couple of the supervisors at the end of the shift though, it’s nice to be appreciated. I think it kind of escaped them t5hat rather than a couple of words at the end of the shift what I really would have liked was the√ā¬†opportunity√ā¬†to go for a piss or have a 2 minute break.

It’s a shock when events like Halloween creep up on the control room, I mean, if we’d have had some more notice, we might have been able to plan something which doesn’t make one person work like fuck while everyone else has a standard Sunday evening.

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