October 20th, 2010

Still tormented

Posted in Other Stuff by 200

I make no apology for posting further on yesterday’s post; it is one of those posts which really appears to have touched people.

I normally get around 500 visitors a day, today I have over 800 & I suspect quite a lot of those are finding 200weeks as a direct result of doing an online search for the programme. If you put ‘tormeneted lives Christopher’ into Google you’ll come up with a link here.

It’s also generated more comments than I usually get on a blog, which shows how powerfully people have been affected by the show. It seems it’s being talked about in the strangest of places. Most of the direct links to my blog entry came from a forum dedicated to House Price Crashes. Another site, but with a very different view to most sensible people, discussing the issue is the David Icke Forums, you know the guy, the ex goalkeeper-BBC Sports Presenter-cum-fucking loony who thinks the earth is run by lizard-people. Apparently, they think the whole programme was a conspiracy staffed by people who were clearly actors in order to make the masses even more subservient to their political masters. What a bunch of tossers.

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