September 29th, 2010

Sorry, our officers are busy right now

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We had a couple of burglaries today, well three actually, during my shift. I don’t think they actually happened during the shift, they were just discovered.

We had a few other jobs too. As usual, 30 – 40% of the officers available went off on arrest enquiries making them unavailable to see the three IPs (or ‘injured parties’ as we call victims). All the arrest enquires took 2 minutes – in which to get ‘no reply to repeated knocking’ – as officers put it, like if they say they only knocked once people will think they didn’t make a good enough effort. They took 2 minutes to deal with but they took a good few man hours to get round to dealing with them, which of course makes the officers unavailable because when you task them they always ‘just about to do an arrest enquiry’.

One of the victims lost  their BMW, the keys were taken & the motor scarfed off the drive before anyone woke up, the prime method for stealing good quality cars these days. One had some minor window damage in an attempt to force it & the third was an elderly couple who didn’t lose too much, but they made a bit of a mess in searching for not much.

When the imediates came in through the shift the burglaries kept getting put on hold. It meant we didn’t get to the first until 5 hours after it was reported, the second & third didn’t get dealt with on our shift at all & we passed them on to the next.

Those who pretend to care what people think say we are putting the public first, they are the same ones telling officers to ignore the public to get the arrest figures up. They don;t actually say this but this is the effect of what they are doing. The victims have no influence, it doesn’t matter if they ring up & say they reported a burglary 3 hours earlier & when are we going to get there.

Meanwhile, someone with a bit of influence  had a private letter copied & sent to some journalist, I think someone’s pride was hurt, or something. He managed to get 30 officers turning over the suspect’s offices.

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