September 23rd, 2010

Nothing to do with me

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So the HMIC has come to the conclusion that police have lost the battle against anti-social behaviour. Well no shit, Sherlock. Some of us have been saying this for years, I wonder  how much it cost the HMIC’s department to come up with that amazing conclusion.

Of course people will be jumping on the bandwagon to blame the police for this catastrophic fall in the standards of public behaviour. The blame lies in a multitude of sectors, all of whom have conspired through neglect & a wanton slavish dedication to an ethos which failed to alert them to the real consequences of a policy which put do-goodism ahead of the rights & needs of a wider society.

It starts at home where a culture of  gimme, gimme, gimme sees children brought up to believe that society owes them everything & they owe nothing. It continues in school when they are taught there are no consequences for their actions as teachers have been increasingly limited powers to deal with poor behaviour, reinforced by tribes of parents who refuse to accept any responsibility for the actions of their children.

It continues through the legal system & the courts with a CPS which encourages, through lack of consequences, yobs to punch police officers by an acceptance that assault in the line of duty is not something to be aghast about but merely an inconvenience to put up with. The legal system shows people that no matter what they do they’ll always get a second chance, a third chance, or a 2oth, 3oth or 40th chance because it costs too much to do anything of real consequence to divert people from crime & anti-social behaviour.

We have a government which places the rights of criminals above the rest of the law-abiding community, where the first phrase an abhorrent teenage scumbag issues on being challenged is ‘you can’t do that, I know my rights.’

We have a generation or more  of adults too scared to intervene when they see unacceptable behaviour, or who just turn their heads because nothing is their problem & it’s always someone else who should be doing something.

We have a police system run by a government which used to have coppers in every community but did away with them & sold all the police houses & thought everything could be measured, which knew the price of everything & the value of nothing, which suddenly realised that actually it was good to have local officers on their beats & has tried to bring them back well after the genie shot out of the bottle & uses it for vote-winning propaganda rather than a committed attempt to retrieve long-lost core values.

Yet somehow, it’s all the fault of the police.

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