December 14th, 2007

Thanks Gadget

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Blimey, I knew Inspector Gadget was popular but didn’t realise quite how popular.

A couple of days ago I made mention that he didn’t link to me, he obviously caught site of that and added me on his blog links. On the day he did that my hit rate doubled. Now I say doubled in a Government-speak type of doubled as in, wow doubling is a lot. Unfortunately, it’s not so quite so impressive when you realise that the visitor rate here isn’t very high to start with. On the newish stats thingy I have it shows I usually get between 90 and 200 visitors per day, the highest in the last 3 months or so being 265.

On the day Gadget added me to his site this went up to 362. Sadly 2 days later it’s back down to normal levels. But interestingly I got most referals from David Copperfield’s blog followed by PlanetPolice. Now Gadget sends me the most people. The last 2 days he is sending me double what Copperfield’s blog sends. Does that mean he is doubly as popular as Copperfield? I haven’t a clue but if you’re visiting me from Inspector Gadget for the first time – Hi and thanks for taking a look.

Thanks Gadget, BTW I just got the Xmas Radio Times and see you are on Xmas Day, multi-talented!

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