September 20th, 2010

Some more success

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We had a really good job this week.
We caught some burglars. Its always good when you catch someone in the act or making off, especially the scum distraction burglars who prey on the most vulnerable members of society.

We had a call come in from an elderly female who had just had a visit from a couple of low-lifes. They had knocked on her door given some bullshit about a neighbour having problems with a washing machine flood they were from the water board needed to come in check her plumbing.

Once in the house the first one had told the lady to check her taps turn the water on. While she was doing this a second low-life had entered via the front door, gone straight upstairs ransacked the bedroom stealing some cash from a handbag in a cupboard, some rings some medals belonging to the victims late husband.

It was at this time that the lady son had arrived.

The scum had run out the house pushing the son over legging it out of the cul-de-sac round the corner to their car.

The son had yd presence of mind to follow them while ringing us on his mobile so we had a good description of them their vehicle.

I despatched units made the decision to send a couple of them to specific points in the town.

In most cases like this we never see them again unless they are arrested somewhere down the line – which most arent. But on this occasion we must have been lucky because one of the units picked up the burglars car.

A short pursuit ensued following some tactical contact with their vehicle we had 2 distraction burglars in the bin. It was back to the nick for tea medals.

It still gives me a buzz when we get a job like that, even though I dont get to lay my hands on the bad guys, I get pleasure knowing I have done my best to make sure someone els can get the nick.

Vicarious arrests, gotta love em.

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