August 21st, 2010

Knickers to you

Posted in The Job - General by 200

One wonders what is going on in the turnout of officers in West Midlands that the force feels the need to advise on the correct form of underwear to be worn on duty.

A recent message on the force intranet has advised that officers must wear pants of an “appropriate” colour & design. So it’s no thongs or boxer shorts that can be seen above trousers that drag round the arse like a chavved up teenager, then?

The item as sparked responses in the latest issue of Police Review. One correspeondent said, “Any chance they could run a piece on tying shoelaces, or how to use toilet paper?” Another said, “Rather than spending time on sending pointless messages out concerning the way we look when doing the job, the force should concentrate more on letting us do the job of a police officer trying to catch criminals.”

Assistant Chief Constable, who clealry didn;t have anything better to do said, “All supervisors, at whatever level they are in the organisation, have a clear mandate to challenge inappropriate dress.”

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