August 17th, 2010

Another recruit

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I see yet another top medical chap has come out in support of the 200Weeks stance on the decriminalisation of drugs.

No less an authority than Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, former president of the Royal College of Physicians, has said that current drugs laws should be  “reconsidered with a view to decriminalising illicit drugs use”. He says that the ‘war against drugs’ has not worked for forty years & shows no sign of ever working. “We cannot stop production from overseas and we cannot stop importation, but we can start treating heroin addiction as a medical condition. We see people in hospitals every day who are suffering not from heroin but from dirty needles, from impure supplies of the drug.

“There has been some really successful projects providing, not every addict, but the hard end of the spectrum – so to speak – with clean heroin under controlled conditions. “It improves health, it gets them off of heroin and it stops the crime, it stops them stealing to feed the habit.”

Sir Ian says that there is evidence which shows that decriminalising heroin or other drugs doesn’t increase the number of drugs users.

Nicholas Green QC, chairman of the UK Bar Council, said: “A growing body of comparative evidence suggests that decriminalising personal use can have positive consequences. It can free up huge amounts of police resources, reduce crime and recidivism and improve public health.

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