August 29th, 2010


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I posted a while back about loud people in pubs.

We have the same problem in the control room.

There are ways times when, for various reasons, controllers or call-takers raise their voices the whole room hears everything. Sometimes its simply a case that the caller is in an environment, like a busy pub or club they just cant hear you. Other times its down to the calltakers getting frustrated.

Then there are the ones who are just plain loud. They might be taking a report of a lost cat I can still hear every word despite them being 30 yards away.

As far as Im aware, our telecommunications equipment is good enough to pick up the human voice from a distance of a couple of inches, so why they have to talk like they dont actually have any telecommunications equipment is beyond me.

It can be a source of amusement too especially when the calltakers questions are answered not by the caller but by people all over the control room.

I remember one girl in particular was clearly having a frustrating time with a caller who was probably drunk belligerent. She got louder louder, asking the caller various questions which werent being answered. As is do often the case, everything went quiet just at the time the calltaker, who had by now lost all sense of professionalism, shouted down the phone, “I’M TRYING TO HELP YOU, YOU MORON.”

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  1. the_leander says:

    In a former line of work, any call taker who blew up like that would get some cheers and a round of applause shortly before they were escorted from the building.

    That said, if the customers I was dealing with on a daily basis were anything to go by, there are some cases where the above really is the only way to get through to people and that’s before you get to the drunks/junkies that phoned up.

    August 29th, 2010 at 22:10

  2. Dan H. says:

    Oh boy, I see this sort of thing on a regular basis. I work with computers; devices which are complex, hard to use but inherently logical and which have had designers who helpfully make them print out error messages describing errors in detail, and offering advice on what to do.

    Complete waste of time, mind you; users never, ever read error messages, never remember them and never, ever, EVER write the bloody things down and remember what they were doing to cause the error in the first place. Faced with requests on the lines of “The computer put up a box thingy, saying something about the wotsit thing”, I usually simply say “OK, well if it happens again, write down the EXACT error message”.

    This is, BTW, why computer engineers put such utterly barkingly silly error messages into the more important errors. Users tend to remember error like “ERROR: Out Of Cheese. Reboot universe before continuing”.

    September 1st, 2010 at 10:02

  3. Employment Law Manchester says:

    I think that engineers put down errors that other engineers would understand

    April 11th, 2011 at 14:30

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