November 23rd, 2007

You only sing when you’re winning

Posted in The Job - Experience by 200

So England are out of Euro 2008, Great news for the peace of the nation!

Whenever England are playing in the World Cup or Euro competitions the level of disorder increases such that we have to put out public order units across the force. Every match day we have transit loads of bobbies at strategic points just waiting to react to the ensuing disorder whether England win or lose. It appears that lots and lots of so-called ‘football fans’ like nothing better than beating up anyone they can find.

I fail to see why the peace-loving inhabitants of our towns should have to put up with hordes of drunken, prehistoric louts marauding through the streets smashing wing mirrors off cars & punching anyone they can find, all in the name of ‘the beautiful game’.

I can imagine I’m not the only one celebrating England’s pitiful performance on the football field.

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