July 20th, 2010


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In my usual trawl through the news stories gleaning fodder for the blog I came across the story of a stop-check in Somerset. Unfortunately, it comes from that august supporter of the police, the Daily Fail, which headlines the story, “Police officer blasts innocent man in groin with 50,000 volt Taser ‘by accident’.

It seems a vehicle was followed by officers who thought the driver may have been uninsured. During the incident on officer got his Taser out & pointed it towards the driver, one Peter Cox, 49. The Mail & Cox appear to be completely bemused as to why officers would have felt it necessary to arm themselves with a Taser, though the official police response, in their usual understated way which offers little in the way of support for their officers, said: “On Tuesday morning officers stopped a man in Bridgwater suspected to be driving a vehicle without insurance. The man appeared to become aggressive and the officer removed his Taser in accordance with protocol. On lowering the Taser it was accidentally discharged. Police are now looking into this.”

One can wonder what sort of ‘aggression’ would prompt the officer to point their Taser at the man. The conclusion will depend on whether you think most officers can or can’t be trusted with such a weapon.

Anyway, so the bloke was shot just off middle wicket. In the quote-of-the-month, Cox said: “I was really shocked and I didn’t know what was going on. I got one in my groin and one in my ankle.”

I bet he was.

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