July 16th, 2010

That’s a wrap

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The Sun has a story today – I saw it on their website, honest I haven’t purchased the paper. you know it’s gonna be a good story because it contains the phrase ‘bungling cops’.

Apparently, a member of the public found some bullet casings in the streets of a derelict estate in Elephant & Castle, South London. The scene was sealed off by police whilst the matter was investigated. the following day foresnsic examinations declared that the bullet casings were from blanks.

It then dawned on officers that they had all come from the some filming which had taken place a few days ago. The veteran is a film about an ex-squaddie who turns to crime. Filming of a scene took place on the estate, with police presence, during which 1,700 shots were fired from blank-firing firearms. It seems that several of the bullet cases were missed when film crew staff cleaned up after filming was completed.

I did a few films in my time. It was fascinating stuff. You basically just had to make sure nobody gate-crashed the sets, or stopped the traffic while they shot scenes. It was amazing to see how much work went into a scene which was often just seconds long.

The last one I did was for a TV detective show on the BBC. When they broke for lunch I was invited to partake of the rather sumptious facilities. A big converted HGV housed the kitchens from which were served a fabulous array of quality food. the restauraunt was a double-decker bus.

I went upstairs & found myself sitting at a table with three actors. We were halfway through when one of the main players nodded at me and said; “I say, are you the real thing or an extra?”

Oh how we laughed.

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  1. blueknight says:

    I worked in a division where they filmed,- Going out – tv series about ‘yoof. Mr Bean – one episode. Wexford – part of an episode. Eastenders – part of an episode. The Bill – part of an episode. Terms of engagement? – series about post nuclear war.
    and most of the film ‘Tommy.
    I was also a film extra for the John Cleese/Jamie Leigh Curtis film ‘Fierce Creatures’ in another town, but it was heavily edited for the American market and my 5 minutes of fame ended up on the cutting room floor.

    July 16th, 2010 at 23:26

  2. R/T says:

    Did you still also get the £50 in the brown envelope?

    July 17th, 2010 at 10:15

  3. shijuro says:

    Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t…

    Headline two…

    Bungling Cops fail to turn up to report of ONE THOUSAND spent cartridges being found by Mrs Mop of South London.

    ‘It was like a war zone’, said Mrs Mop, ‘the Police didn’t want to know!’

    A Met spokesperson said they beleived they were blank casings from a recently filmed Police drama…

    See what I mean?

    July 17th, 2010 at 18:56

  4. Blueknight says:

    I think it was £40? But there were endless refreshments and I also got a very nice lunch

    July 17th, 2010 at 23:06

  5. Paul United Kingdom says:

    This has just reminded me, I was wandering around Southwark in London this Friday when I seen a sign attached to a lamp post stating “Filming in process, replica firearms in use, thank you for your co-operation” it seems the film company forgot to remove it. Shame I did not have my camera on me.

    July 19th, 2010 at 18:58

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