November 24th, 2007

PC Arse

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I don’t recommend the following action for dealing with pains in the arse at work, but it often works.

I’ve been told that I’m one of the most ‘laid back’ controllers in the room. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or a complaint. I suspect it’s both depending on why I’ve been called into the office. All I know is that it means I rarely get wound up, I don’t panic during serious incidents, I don’t take anything personally (even when it’s meant personally) and I don’t treat the jobs that I get sent to deal with as something sent specifically to wind me up.

I was working on a late shift this week. There were 2 or 3 people working overtime (there’s always 2 or 3 people working overtime because the management haven’t realised it costs more to pay enhanced rates to overtime workers every single day than it does to employ more people).

Anyway, one of the people working overtime was a PC from another shift. I don’t know him that well other than by reputation. I like to treat people as I find them, which, as the shift went on, was falling quite into line with the reputation that I’d heard. For some reason he seemed to think that minding my business was his role. To say he was interfering was an understatement. He was working another division but sat within talking distance and could see my computer screen. I guess because his division was quiter than mine he had more time to watch what I was doing.

PC Arse seemed to delight in going through the logs on my division & reciting the content to me before I’d had the chance to deal with it. He also checked out the incoming logs, the ones the call-takers were creating before sending to me, and he’d helpfully notify me that I was about to get a burglary sent over, or another text message threats, or maybe someone in the street with a BB gun, again. This is somewhat frustrating because I prefer to deal with incidents as they are sent rather than before all the information is added to the log by the call-taker, and anyway, being busy I have enough work looking at my current jibs without researching ones about to be sent to me.

To cut a longer story short a couple of hours of his constantly butting in & advising m how to run my channel started to wear off my ‘laid back’ approach and I entered the twighlight zone.

You know the place, it’s where time suddenly slows down, everyone goes quiet and is free from other task for the sole purpose of listening to your next remark just at the point when you say. "Will you fuck off & let me do my job". The control room is usually a buzz of activity with a constant hum of voices. It was completely quiet.

For the next 3 days people kept coming up to me congratulating me & saying that PC Arse deserved that. Even people who weren’t in the room at the time spoke to me about it.

As I say, it’s not the way to sort workplace problems out. telling someone to fuck off isn’t big & it isn’t clever….but it’s bloody satisfying!

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