October 29th, 2007

Good For You

Posted in The Job - General by 200

A teenager who tried to stab PC Dameon Shaw six times walked free from Maidstone Crown Court this week having been convicted of attempted wounding.

Polie were called when James Santrey, aged 19, got drunk & had a domestic with his father. Santrey took two knives to his bedroom threatening to "deal" with the police of they entered.

A police team forced entry to the bedroom & during the ensuing melee Santrey ended up on top of the officer. He was then seen to try to stab the officer six times. Fortunately the officer was wearing his stab proof vest at the time.

Recorder Charles George QC gifted a suspended 12 months youth custody sentence after saying "You have a decent heart. You have got a girlfriend now, so good luck to you." This comes at a time when one knife crime occurs every few minutes in the UK & the government has been banging on for the last two years about how those involved in carrying or using knives will be dealt with most robustly.

If you fancy getting away with trying to murder a police officer, can I suggest you turn up at court in a suit, smile demurely, and bring a female saying how much you have gotten your life sorted since your little ‘fopar’.

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