April 24th, 2010


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When we come into work we have to take over from the previous shift’s controller. This is a routine procedure during which the current controller explains the on-going jobs, who is still doing what – police resource wise – & outlines any of the more complicated jobs which will need doing by the new shift.

The handover can take anything from 15 seconds to 10 minutes which is why I try to get in 10 – 15 minutes before my shift starts as I don’t see why someone should stay longer than their duty time just to help me understand what’s on the box.

The best handovers usually start with “there’s only 6 jobs, nothing complicated.” The worst ones start “you dont want to sit here!”

You know you’re in for a draining day when you hear the latter & its even worse when you hear it several days running, which seems to a bit of a theme with me at the moment.

People often take a personal pride in the amount of jobs they have to hand over. The lower the figure the better, which means they feel guilty if there are too many, like its their own fault they weren’t able to assign everything. I never have a problem with this as it rarely my fault that the jobs haven’t been dealt with & people haven’t been seen. There should be no guilt if you’ve done your best at work, though I suspect there are people who should be held accountable.

Its a numbers game.

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