April 14th, 2010

Get a life

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I have previously waxed lyrical about how much of modern police work is generated by abuse on Facebook. One of our other major areas of work is threats & harassment from ex-partners.

A significant proportion of our calls are from people whose relationships have split up but one party won’t leave it alone &  feels the need to keep contacting the other party. Spookily, this is often done via Facebook but probably more commonly via text messages.

It usually takes the form of abuse or threats. I have no idea why people do this. I know I have to think back to the last time I was dumped – probably secondary school to be honest &  we didn’t have mobile phones – but I can’t recall ever feeling the need to cycle round to Wendy’s house to stick a note through the door that I was going to torch it.

It’s mainly, though not exclusively, men who indulge on such fripparies. I dont know why, perhaps it’s just the male species’ inability to grow up, something of which I am just as guilty as the next man, perhaps a flaw in their character dictates that they have to show macho posturing to any sleight on their character. This is probably why I see so many of them taking off their shirts after a few sherbets in the town centre every night.

I’m not really sure if there is a point to this entry today, it was just sparked because 5 of the 20 jobs on the box when I came in to work this morning were to do with males who won’t grow up & get a life.

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