April 7th, 2010

And this is why I pay my tax

Posted in Not the Job by 200

My attention was drawn to another story of another sponging fuckwit this week when I read about Keith MacDonald.

His main claim to fame is having 7 children with 7 different women & another on the way with an eighth woman. He’s managed to achieve this stirling effort in the ‘let other people bring up my kids’ stakes at the ripe old age of 24.

He claims incapacity benefit for a bad back & chest but still manages to hold down a full time job (without the knowledge of the local free money department) working in a shop, so as well as his wages he gets £67.75 a week in free cash supplied by some people with presumably better morals than he has so far demonstrated. He is quoted as saying: “They won’t stop my benefits. They can’t touch me. I might as well make as much money as I can. This makes me some money for myself that the mums can’t get their hands on.”

Because he is on benefits he only pays the mothers of his kids £1.11 a week for child maintenance which comes straight out of his benefits. The Sun calculates that all the benefits paid to bring up his children until the age of 18 will amount to £1 million.

It makes me glad to pay 40% tax on my pension.

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