March 19th, 2010

Fetch the Teddy

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Another day another story from Kent Police.

Hot on the heels from yesterday’s story about Kent Police not allowing to comfort victims by putting their arms around them, it appears they are coming up with alternatives.

Presumably, they will introducing protocols to deal with victims across the whole age range. They start with 6-years & under.

Trauma Teddies.

One officer has got a local manufacturer to donate 100 cuddly toys to be given to young children who are caught up in a road traffic accident. PC  Darren Chapman said: “It’s more difficult when young children are involved in a collision because you can’t always explain what is happening to them. Fear and confusion can overwhelm them and sometimes all they need is comfort and reassurance rather than the type of explanation you would give an adult.”

Presumably the traffic officers in Kent will be leaving the teddies at a safe distance for the child to collect themselves, lest they inadvertently touch the child or say the wrong thing.

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