March 18th, 2010

More Bollocks…

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…in the form of Kent Police’s Political Correctness (or do they call it ‘Diversity’?) Department who have upgraded their list of words & phrases police officers should no longer use.

The latest guidance to Kent Police’s 7,000 staff is that they should no longer ask for people’s Christian name in case it offends people who aren’t Christian. They are now told to ask for someone’s ‘personal name’ or ‘family name’. They are also being told not to use phrases like ‘my dear’ or ‘love’ when addressing women in case it causes embarassment or offence. Also being banned is comforting someone by putting an arm around them which they cite as being ‘unprofessional’. Presumably, it’s more professional just to keep your distance & do or say nothing when you’re showing a mother the body of their dead child in the mortuary, for instance.

I’m a non-Christian and would not give the the most fleeting of second thoughts at anyone asking for my Christian name. I really do wonder whether there has been a big outcry from people offended at being asked their Christian name. I suspect it’s more to do with the current trend for people to sit in an office somewhere in a small focus group, made up of people who are just out of touch with society, whose job it is to come up with ideas that they think might offend people, and then put a stop to it, just in case.

If someone asked me what my ‘personal’ name was I would wonder what the hell they were talking about as all my names are personal to me, “which one to do you want?”

What a total load of bollocks.

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