March 14th, 2010

‘kin nanny state

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I went into a supermarket today. Mrs weeks isn’t very well & she has used up her supply of paracetamol, in fact she used up the last of my supply of cheap ‘Anadin’ ripoffs. She prefers paracetomol but I find that those ones made of exactly the same constituents as Anadin Extra but costing a tenth of the price do me really well.

So I popped in to get a Sunday paper, a bottle of wine for tea & some headache tablets.

I got Mrs Weeks a box of 16 paracetamol & I picked up a similar-sized pack of the supermarket’s own brand pain releif tabs. Then I remembered that I had used the last in the box I have in my work bag only a few days ago. I like to keep headache tablets with me at work since sometimes it is one big bloody headache.

So I had 3 packs of tablets.

Whenever I go with one of my kids, they love doing that self-service thing where you swipe your own purchases, put them in your bag & pay. I hate it & avoid them when I can. I just feel so guilty using them. I can’t help thinking that the girl who stands at the end monitoring the computer displays is just waiting for me to nick something. And what the bloody hell do you do with stuff like grapes which hasn’t got a barcode on them?

Anyway, the girl swiped all my bits & when it came to putting the pain relief tablets through she swiped two boxes & put the other one aside, “You can only buy two of these at a time.”


“You can only buy two packs.”

“Is that in case I top myself?”

She smiled  nervously but didn’t answer. I didn’t make a fuss though I felt like demanding to see the manager to get him to explain why I couldn’t be trusted not to rip open the boxes & shove the contents down my neck there & then. I expect my family could sue them for providing me the means to cure a really bad headache. If I paid for my goods, walked back into the shop & bought another 2 packs who’d have stopped me? Do they have undercover headache detectives just watching for anyone who looks like they may buy more than 32 headache pills? What if I wanted to restock my cutlery drawer & bought half a dozen 10- inch kitchen knives? I bet nobody would stop me buying 3 bottles of whisky & drinking myself to death.

All this went through my mind as I packed my bits & pieces. By the time I walked out the store I was so depressed I felt like doing something really stupid, but I only had 32 paracetamol, so well done Sainsbury’s, another life saved.

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