March 1st, 2010

It’s a strange life

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So the Yorkshire Ripper is up at court trying to find out a date when he will be elligible for parole & subsequent release.

Back in May 2008, I reported that Peter Sutcliffe would be seeking his release once he had served 30 years. Sutcliffe, the country’s third most prolific serial killer of the 20th century, was given TWENTY life sentences for 13 murders & 7 attempted murders back in 1981.

I can remember, as a young probationer, like everyone else in the country,  devouring information in the daily papers on the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. We used to share papers around the canteen as we chomped our egg, bacon, sausage, mushroom, tomato, peas & chips on an early turn in the days when every nick had a canteen.

Sutcliffe’s legal team are pushing to get a parole date, doubtless the ‘Human Rights’ words will be used. It seems strange that even in the most humane of societies that anyone can believe someone who savagely murders 13 people could ever again be considered for release. If ever there was a case where life should mena life, surely this is it?

Richard Ford, of the Times, isn’t convinced Sutcliffe is any nearer to release, opining that he has several barriers in his way, not least of which is convincing a mental health tribunal that he is no longer ‘mental’. It would be hard to believe that someone who is driven to murder or try to murder 20 people could ever be ‘right in the head’. And then he will have to convince the parole board that he is no longer a risk to the public. Given the amount of people they have found to be ‘of no further risk’ who they’ve released only to see them murder again, I’m not convinced this one will pose such a difficult barrier.

I suspect there is more news to come on this story. I, for one, hope Mr Ford is correct.

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