October 14th, 2007

Pennies from Heaven

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Compensation payments seem to be making a regular appearance at 200weeks so here’s another to add to the collection.

Detective sergeant Gurpal Virdi sued the Met after he was accused of sending race hate emails to colleagues prior to 1998 when he was arrested and subsequently sacked. An employment tribunal found in his favour and he was awarded £240,000 in August 2000 and reinstated by the Met. £90,000 of that was for ‘loss of career’ & ‘injury to feelings’.

In 2005 he was turned down for promotion to inspector. The Met said his application wasn’t up to the required standard, Virdi said he was being victimised & discriminated against because of his previous ‘win’ over the force. He sued again and recently won his case of victimisation although the tribunal rejectied his claim for racial discrimination. He is due to get tens of thousands of pounds in further compensation.

DS Virdi was again turned down for promotion earlier this year and is suing the Met for a third time. Of course, we will never know whether he deserves promotion or not, he may be being victimised or he may be unsuitable for promotion – not everyone deserves it, in my experience, that doesn’t necessarily matter as they do promote some complete bloody plonkers.

So we have someone who is doing the same job he was before, has suffered no injury and been denied promotion, just like hundreds or maybe thousands of other people who haven’t been promoted? Lucky he never had his legs blown off and got brain damage a shis compo would been about half of what he’s had so far, with more to come.

Either the Met is incredibly stupid, or someone knows when they are onto a good thing. The trouble is, with the previously history of the job in general & the Met in particular, how the bloody hell are we able to tell?


Guardian Online story 


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  1. Reactively Proactive says:

    I am thinking of sueing my force. When I was a poor little fresh faced probi, they actually made me go outside on my own in the cold and rain for hours at a time. Some of my shift were given nice warm cars and some even got double crewed. This must mean I was being victimised and make me eligable for thousands of pounds in payouts, and even more for the fact that I was left feeling humiliated by wearing a bright yellow coat so people looked at me wearing a tit on my head.

    October 14th, 2007 at 16:29

  2. Officer Dibble says:

    If everyone who put in for promotion got it then there would be little point in a selection process.
    Someone somewhere has dug their heels in, despite all the politics and baggage that comes with this, has been unmoved, reviewed it again and still said No.
    Is it possible that Mr Virdi is not Inspector material?
    Further tribunals may tell….

    Whatever you have plugged or unplugged your site access/comments is a lot faster.

    October 15th, 2007 at 01:48

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