February 22nd, 2010

Policing by the Script

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It seems that some detectives are annoyed about the happy-go-lucky show, Eastenders. They fear that the public will think that solving murders is as easy as chatting to the regulars of the Queen Vic for a few minutes a week, and that taking bribes & chasing innocent victims off roofs is par for the course.

I refer, of course, to the murder (fictional) of Archie Mitchell which reached its climax last week when the show put out a live episode, the follow up of which has led to the local Old Bill closing the case believing (wrongly) that the murderer has met his death in a swallow dive onto the fruit & veg stall in Albert Square.

Detective Inspector Alan Kalbfell of City of London Police, is a spokesman for the National Detectives Forum, he said: “It is frustrating to see our trade portrayed in such a bad manner.  EastEnders is watched by a broad range of people, from young to old, and they will think this is how detectives operate. It’s not.

“There is no doubt this is damaging to our profession. There is no way that 99.9 per cent of people doing our job would dream off discussing an ongoing case with people on the street if it could prove detrimental to the case. Yet EastEnders have no problem showing this. It makes us look unprofessional.

I suspect a TV soap making us look unprofessional is the least of our worries, we tend to do a good job of that ourselves, sometimes.

A spokeswoman for the Police Federation said: “We just hope that EastEnders viewers realise the show is completely fictional because real detectives do not act like this.”

Hmmm, not much hope there, then.

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