February 14th, 2010

Something else to ban

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It occurred to me today that perhaps pedestrians should be banned from using their mobile phones whilst on public roads too.

There I was, driving along the road minding my own business when I spied a woman walking down the path towards me on my nearside. There was a Vauxhall Corsa ahead of me travelling in the same direction. I could see the woman had a dog by the lead in one hand & was talking into her mobile phone in the other while her child, who could have been no more than 3 was riding a bike with stabilisers.

I don;t know whether she put any thought into it or not but she was walking along the path with her dog between the bushes & her & her son between the road & her. Bearing in mind this was a country lane & the path was no more than 3 feet wide with no escape on the non-road side due to high hedges, I didn’t think it was perhaps the safest of combinations.

Sure enough just as the Corsa was approaching her, & with the woman engaged in some conversation in her mobile, the toddler suddenly veered towards the road. I didn’t have a stop watch but I’m betting her reaction times were severly limited by using her mobile phone. She just managed to grab the kid before he plunged headlong into the front grill of the Corsa, who didn’t seem to react at all judging by his constant speed & direction as it passed the gang on the footpath.

Not the best circumstances I’ve ever known in which to chat to your mate.

Oh & Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife (not that she reads this but when she calms down from not receiving a card from me today, at least I can prove the thought was there, even if there’s only 2 hours to go)

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