October 17th, 2007

Try Harder Still

Posted in Not the Job by 200

It seems the government have bowed under public pressure to increase the maximum amount of financial compensation available to troops injured in combat. Pressure from the campaign for paratrooper Ben Parkinson, who had his legs blown off (among other injuries) in Afghanistan has upped his compensation from £152,000 to £285,000.

The MOD has said it is "Committed to ensuring that our injured personnel are given the compensation they deserve", which sounds like a great soundbite which is somewhat short in delivery; criminal injuries compensation is topped at £500,000 & industrial injury compensation appears limiteless.

Des Browne, Secretary of State for Defence said "Our armed forces are unique in making a vital contribution to the security of our nation & we have a responsibility to continue to look after them properly when they get injured."

So that’s alright then.


More on the story at the BBC News website

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