January 25th, 2010

Police can kill you – fact!

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Welcome to another in my Police Fact-f’ile series in which I aim to enlighten you as to the inner workings of the modern UK Police Service.

Robert Haines, a 41-year-old armed robber & father of three was shot dead by police in October 2006 when he was part of an armed gang who raided a building society in New Romney.

Whilst running from the scene he had to misfortune to bump into a group of more skillful people with guns, who happened to be from the Met & had the gang under surveillance. CCTV footage showed Haines threatening a security guard with a gun. He had stolen £105,000 cash from the guard.

A police officer told an inquest this week that he heard Haines fire a shotgun so, fearing for his & his colleagues lives, he shot & killed the robber. The inquest ruled that Haines was lawfully killed & an IPCC investigation also found no wrong-doing by police. The IPCC said: “The officer was responding to a clear threat to his and others’ life when he discharged his gun. The decision making and planning during the operation was also subjected to review and it was found to be professional throughout.

“We concluded any arrest before the robbery would more than likely not have gathered sufficient evidence to charge, and the decision to intervene as he entered the car park provided the best opportunity to safely control a dynamic and potentially dangerous situation.

Which is good news for those officers involved, although one wonders why it takes more than three years to come to the conclusion.

Haines’ brother, Burt, wasn’t in agreement with police actions, saying: “I think he could have been wounded. To shoot him dead, I think is completely wrong.”

Perhaps Burt watches too much YouTube.

In the real world, if you take a gun to work, & look like you might use it, be prepared to be shot dead. Best perhaps, to advise the family first, so that they understand what might happen to you.

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