October 27th, 2005

Home Office Performance Figures

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The Home Office today released its list of best & worst performing police forces. To save time and more importantly, effort, by way of an explanation about what these figures represent, I’ll just quote what the Home Office website says:

In 2004/05, police forces have been assessed in seven key performance areas: Reducing Crime; Investigating Crime; Promoting Safety; Providing Assistance; Citizen Focus; Resource Use; and Local Policing

I have so far heard three chief constables from forces named as amongst the worst performing forces on both TV & radio. Without exception none of them agreed that their force was a bad performer. All of them said that the figures represent a snapshot some time ago, the force has moved on, radical changes since, unfair comparisons, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I haven’t heard any of the top performing chiefs today but I bet none of them are saying the same things.

Next time you get hauled up in front of the inspector and questioned about your performance, tell him or her that actually his evidence for such is out of date, was unfairly compared to everyone else on the shift and anyway, you’ve made improvements since he came to that conclusion, see how you get on.

Home Office Report

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