September 30th, 2007

Thanks but no thanks

Posted in The Job - General by 200

If you’re a supporter of all things anti-police, & there are, unbelievably, a few who visit the police blogs & forums from time to time, (although not here vey much judging by the lack of comments recently) you might be interested in a new website.

Shop a has been set up with you in mind; on this site you can view actual photos of such police atrocities as police cars parked on double yellow lines and, er, not much else.

Sadly, you can’t tell whether the drivers of said errant police vehicles are saving the lives of depressed young men whilst catching them as they dangle over neraby railway bridges or just collecting the police staton’s daily donut allowance. But why let that stop you basking in the rampant law-breaking & hypocrisy that is the British Police.

If you like shit guitar music blasting out of your speakers unannounced on your work PC while you surrepticiously cruise the internet whilst pretending to do stuff on spreadsheets you’ll doubly-love

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