October 24th, 2005

That’ll Learn ‘im

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It seems the Metropolitan Police have found it necessary to  issue an edict to its senior officers. It’s in relation to driving of police vehicles, particularly at speed. Apparently some senior officers have forgotten what every other member of the road-using fraternity have all known this since the first day they picked up a  Highway Code.

The report reminds all officers that it is not acceptable to exceed the speed limit when late for a meeting – well no shit, Sherlock!

The matter arises because Chief Supt Les Owen apparently forgot that small detail when being chauffeured to a meeting by a PC when their vehicle was clocked at 82MPH in a 40 limit.

The driver has already received a £250 fine and 3 points on his licence at Redbridge Magistrates Court in January.

Who caused the vehicle to go at this speed is not a matter of public record but given the fact that a PC is driving a Chief Superintendent and the Chief Superintendent is late, the conversation from one to the other will be a matter for you to guess, I know what I and majority of colleagues I’ve discussed it with think.

So the PC gets the court summons (and rightly so). You might be entitled to think the old boss might be in for a bit of a drubbing somewhere, and you’d be right; if your definition of drubbing includes getting a written warning letter from the Professional Standards dept.

Well, that’ll teach him then!

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