December 20th, 2009

Snow good

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It’s comforting to see that the good old British tradition of the country falling to pieces at the first drop of snow is holding up well, at least it is round these parts.

This is traditionally the time where police managers try to get all the force’s 4x4s into play at the same time, usually somewhere around the time when the first snow flakes appear somewhere in the county while the rest of the country have been talking about the predicted heavy snow for three days or more.

It is also around this time that the police managers realise that they’ve degraded the Traffic Department year after year & depeleted the resources such that there are only a few 4x4s left & they are stored somewhere on the other side of the heaviest snow which necessitates 2 of the few available traffic officers to travel across the county for an hour & a half to collect a 4×4, timesed by the number of 4x4s we have left, which leaves only a few traffic officers who can’t respond to half the jobs because their cars can’t get there.

We spend all night & day taking reports of kids throwing snowballs. We have to ignore most of these as we simply are too busy dealing with dragging people out of crashed cars or standing at road closures telling people if they go up[ there they’ll get stuck. Asian & Jewish people can say they think the people chucking snow at them/their businesses are racist which guarantees that we have to go & see them because saying you think an incident is racist is a trigger which puts you to the head of the queue when it comes to dishing out assignments to officers.

Lots of the calls into the control room about traffic accidents or RTCs usually mention that the person has crashed due to the dangerous road conditions which seems to skirt round the fact that most of the people who have travelled along the same road have managed to avoid crashing & totally avoids the thought that it is perfectly possible to drive safely on ice if you adjust your driving style accordingly & you’ve not usually crashed because of the dangerous road, you’ve crashed because you were an arse & driving too fast (& 10mph can be too fast).

Then you finish the shift between 15 minutes & two hours late because your relief hasn’t left early enough to negotiate the conditions by which time half the main roads in the county are clogged up with crashed cars, jacknifed lorries & queues of vehicles who can’t get up the hills, so you’re 2 hours late home & have to abandon your car & walk the last mile or two & they still expect you to be in to work the next day, on time, and you are.

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