November 29th, 2009

R.I.P. American Brothers & Sister

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Years ago I used to be friendly with police officers from Europe & the USA. I was a keen member of the International Police Association & used to be in regular contact with foreign police officers, either through my various trips to Europe or via regular contact in writing. This was before email was popular (or even known about) & people still had ‘pen pals’.

Over the years I hosted quite a few officers in my home. Several of them were American. Their stay usually included a tour of the police station & maybe a patrol or two. Some of them were totally unaware that we are unarmed. Most of them said they wouldn’t do out job without going on duty with at least one firearm. One, a firearms instructor, didn’t even go out to his local shopping mall, off duty, without a handgun.

There are times when I’m glad I’m not doing the job out there.

Four American police officers have been shot & killed whilst they prepared for the start of their shift sitting, in uniform, in a coffee shop outside the McChord Airbase near Tacoma, Washington. A lone gunman is said to have targeted them by walking into the shop & gunning down 3 male & 1 female officers.

The Officer Down Memorial Page lists 107 officers (not including today’s four) killed on duty so far this year, including 38 killed by gunfire.


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