October 18th, 2005

Tory Numpty

Posted in Not the Job by 200

Did anyone see prospective Tory Party leader and possible future leader of the country, David Cameron on TV this week?

His minutes of fame have rocketed since his entry into the contest for leadership of the Conservatives and it seems, this week at least, his face is never out of the news.

He was captured in glorious Technicolor on the BBC teatime news cycling into the Houses of Parliament – well, not literally, through the gates from the road outside, to be precise.

I was quite impressed to see a politician cycling to work, even more so to see a cycling helmet.

It was a shame that Cameron’s helmet (cycling variety otherwise I would have been impressed!) was hanging from his handlebars.

It kind of begged the question of why he bothered to have it with him in the first place of he wasn’t gonna wear it. I know he’s young (for a politician) but he doesn’t quite look fit enough to do a double salco over the handlebars, grab the helmet and affix it to his bonce in time to soften the blow of skull on tarmac. I dread to think what would have happened if he’d have gone head first into one of those large concrete security blocks put up to prevent terrorism at the Houses of P.

It then dawned on me that perhaps he had been wearing it for the majority of the journey but took it off on his approach to the office for the benefit of the phalanx of cameras awaiting his arrival.

It’s sad that road safety is so unimportant that a good photograph takes precedence.

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