November 24th, 2009

Facilitate this!

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The Facilitated Returns Scheme is a government innovation started in October 2006 to persuade foreigners with no right to stay in the UK to return home.

Specifically, it aims to get convicted foreign criminals to leave the country. One might have thought that getting them deported after serving their sentence might be a simple case of transporting them from the prison gates to the airport, but not so. It seems that getting rid of convicted murderers, rapists & other criminals is rather problematic as some of the blighters just don’t go.

The scheme aims to bribe offenders to go home once they have served the part of their sentence after which a UK citizen would normally be released. It is designed to avoid lengthy & expensive legal battles against deportation & can result in inmates being given up to a £5,000 resettlement package  including £500 cash.

In 2008 1,350 foreign criminals were paid an average of £2,500 to leave the country. This was about 25% of the total amount of criminals ejected from the UK that year.

This scheme is morally acceptable to the government, that is unless it is proposed by a party such as the BNP, in which case paying foreigners to leave the country is morally repugnant & inherently racist.

The total amount spent in 2008 was some £3.4 million.

Meanwhile, the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire which commemorates the deaths of thousands of servicemen & women who have died since W.W.II, will fall into disrepair unless it can find £8 million.

The Future Foundations Appeal is trying to raise funds to sort out the memorial & asking the government to match any money raised.

I have a suggestion, the government pays all the money to fix the national memorial to our war dead & saves £3 million a year by not bribing criminals & just booting their arses out of the UK with the advice that should they desire to appeal the decision to repatriate them they should seek the assistance of a lawyer in their own country.

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