August 6th, 2007

Word to the Wise

Posted in The Job - Experience by 200

Sometimes I thik coppers on the street think all us controllers do all day is sit around on our arses and surf the internet. They’re right in some respects; we do sit on our arses all day – it’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Just like any job I suppose, there are quiet times and there are times when you don’t know whether your arsehole is drilled, ored or countersunk (as one of my training school sergeants used to say).

You spend the whole day dealing with rude, intolerant, me me me people trying to put their own needs & demands ahead of everyone else & the language is often atrocious. And that’s just the police officers on the radio. Wait til you have to speak to the public on the phone.

I can take a joke with the best of them – I joined the police 28 years ago and am still here, if that’s not the biggest joke I don’t know what is but I do sometimes get fed up with the constant reminders from both members of the public and police officers how to do my job correctly.

I know most of the tricks in the book. I’ve been pulling many of them for longer than quite a few of the officers who talk to me have been alive.

So with this in mind I’m preparing a list of handy hints and tips to make life better for me in the control room and you out on the street.

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