October 21st, 2005

Check Your Mobile

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The latest techniques for controlling unruly youths havn’t gone down too well in the lofty corridors of the Metropolitan Police.

Coming across a youth in a London street, a plain clothes police officer in an unmarked vehicle was so incensed by the anti-social behaviour of the youth that he stopped his car in the middle fo the road, got out and picked up the 16 year old.

The officer then carried the lad a few yards to a nearby litter-bin and dropped him in it before returning to his vehicle.

The whole event was filmed by the lad’s mate on his mobile phone and broadcast to the world on the BBC News.

The matter made its way to the aforementioned lofty corridors whereupon the IPCC* was called in and the officer suspended from duty quicker than a senior officer cocking up a whole department (oops, my mistake, incompetent senior officers aren’t suspended, or much else come to that).

Anyone with any experience of police procedures might be a little surprised at the swift and vehement treatment of the officer. Under normal circumstances someone might expect an apology to the youth concerned, a bollocking from the officer’s sergeant or inspector and a few words of advice without tea and biscuits; it is highly unusual for an officer to be suspended from duty and the IPCC called in.

That is, except when the ‘victim’ is from an ethnic minority…

Link to BBC Story & Video

* IPCC – Independent Police Complaints Commission

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