August 4th, 2007

Pass the Weed

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Well it seems to be official, cannabis does not harm you. It doesn’t turn you into a quivering wreck dependant on your next fix or robbing old ladies to fund it. In fact, there is some evidence that it can do you good, enhance your social status & your future employment chances & earnings potential.

The evidence for the above comes from recent revelations that at least 10 government ministers partook of the weed in their youth.

A new prime minister could have ushered in a new era of frankness & honesty. Whereas before, an MP caught with his or her fingers in the cookie jar of their historical youth would have gone out of their way to deny or at the very least not admit such transgressions of illegal drugs use, now they are falling over themselves to confess it.

This does seem strange given the murmerings in the corridors of Whitehall suggesting the government may be about to do a U-turn on their reclassification of cannabis which took it from the higher levels as a legal no-no.

I think there is a reasoned debate to be had about legalising cannabis and indeed all drugs, maybe more of that another time, but for now it’s gratifying to now that cannabis use is not the great bringer of doom some suggest.

Government ministers – people who think only of themselves, leaching from those around them to fund their sorded habits, robbing everyone blind as they descend into even more power-crazed fantasies? Surely not.



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  1. BelfastPeeler says:

    Replace cannabis with alcohol in that sentiment. Do you think if 2,000 were spilling out onto the street after a night’s heavy smoking in a cannabis bar there’d be the same amount of fights, disorder and general unpleasantness. Not to mention the boost to the night time economy from all the street stalls selling digestive biscuits.

    Yeah sure, why not. Legalise it, sell it, tax it. And let those that want to buy it by the 10 pack. Of course you’ll need to send more of us on the Fitness impairment field test and educate the public that they can’t smoke and drive but that’s okay, I can cope with that.

    August 4th, 2007 at 16:25

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