October 24th, 2009

Into the pit

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Hmmm….so who wound up & primed Jack Straw. What a shame he’s not so eloquent & vociferous on his parties recent history of justice cock-ups & mismanagements. I was intrigued by one of his comments when he said which bit of going too far did Hitler do, was it the gassing of the Jews (fair point) or the bombing of British cities. If you’re going to have a go at the BNP/Hitler use one of the very good reasons to do so. I wasn’t around at the time but I seem to recall the British & Americans bombing the hell out of innocent German people relentlessly & not a few Japanese & I suspect that many more were killed by the allies, Straw, you twat. History is written by the victors.

It also made me smile with Griffin said he hadn’t harmed a single Muslim while Straw & his cronies were responsible for the deaths of 800,000 in Iraq.

Overall though, it wasn’t a proper question time. It was a ‘have a go at Nick Griffin/BNP’ opportunity & I’m not surprised he’s making a complaint about his treatment. Not that I have any support for some of his views. The Labour party would have loved the programme, their knight-in-shining-armour carrying forth his single-minded attack on the BNP which should have taken the heat off them for a week. It’s obviously far less acceptable to have distasteful ethical morals in regards to race than it is in regards to theft, fraud & deception.

What a condescending cow that playwright & British Museum director was.

Baroness Warsi (don’t get me started on handing out favours to cronies with peerages). “There’s no such thing as a bogus asylum seeker, asylum seeker is a legal term.” Now, is she trying to be educationally superior on the symantics of words or is she displaying the kind of arrogance which seeks to shift blame for failing to deal with the many people who come to the UK with no legal right. Oh that’s right, the UK is happy to accept criminals & murderers. If you criticise immigration you are apparently de facto criticising all the folk who have a genuine need & right to apply to come here, let’s not mention all the others.

It’s such a shame that the likes of Straw & Peter Hain  can’t accept that the rise of the BNP is squarely on the shoulders of governments who have failed to address issues which lead people to think that the BNP & it’s policies are a way out of a situation governments have foisted upon them.

It was interesting that Warsi refused to answer the question about whether she agreed with homosexual partnerships when Dimbleby mentione d her previous comments about homosexuality undermining family values. She gave the typical politician’s answer that she agreed with their right to civil partnerships. Well since their ‘right’ is a legal term she can’t say otherwise really.  In her election attempt leaflets in 2005 she claimed that Labour’s lowering of the age of consent for homosexuals from 18 to 16 was “allowing schoolchildren to be propositioned for homosexual relationships.”  So it’s Ok to be ‘homophobic’ but not racist, now I’m getting it. Interesting that she was allowed to duck questions of homophibia while Griffin was repeatedly asked to ‘answer the question’. Ah, but that wasn’t the point of the programme, was it? In 2007 she is quoted as saying that people who voted for the BNP  “have some very legitimate views. People who say ‘we are concerned about crime and justice in our communities – we are concerned about immigration in our communities.” Perhaps she forgot that bit on Thursday.

You may not like Nick Griffin nor what he believes in but he is & should have the right to hold whatever views he wants. I think there are ways to demolish his beliefs in a sensible & grown up way. I don’t think the Question Time panel were a good example of the way to do that.

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